Isla Mujeres Catamaran Tour in Cancun

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on May 17th, 2019, 2017 @ 1:02 PM
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If you’re after a rejuvenating break spent cruising the sparkling blue Mexican ocean, then you’ll love the Isla Mujeres Catamaran Tour. It’s a great way to get away from land for the afternoon to really be at one with your thoughts, and it’s also incredibly fun. Not only does the catamaran have an all-inclusive, open bar, but you even get to spend 45 minutes snorkeling in the underwater reef and underwater museum. Since the underwater visibility here is among the best in the world, the experience is undoubtedly a memorable and rewarding one. When the catamaran arrives at Isla Mujeres, you’ll have time to go shopping for souvenirs, sight-see on the main avenue, and enjoy a hearty and delicious buffet lunch. At 4pm, it’ll be time to make the return trip back to the mainland. This is the perfect time to relax, or take advantage of the captain’s offer to let you ride the spinnaker. Similar to parasailing, the adventurous type should definitely give this one a go.

Now, if you were wondering about the differences between the tour levels, I’m going to explain that here. Although the regular, plus and platinum tours each offer an all-inclusive model, there are slight differences depending on which one you opt for. The regular tour gives you the all-inclusive option on the boat and a buffet on the island, whereas the Plus tour has the all-inclusive option both on and off the boat, plus the island buffet. The Platinum tour, however, offers premium alcohol options and a VIP lunch. Each tour features the snorkeling element. Another thing worth mentioning is that, although each tour is incredibly enjoyable, the catamarans are different depending on which tour you choose.

The regular tour is priced at $47 and tends to include older and smaller catamarans from their fleet. Typically you should expect something in the 30+ ft range and 10-15 years old. If you happen to be catamaran savvy expect an older Privilege model. Being the most affordable, this tour is often sold by most vendors without even mentioning the other options. However, I feel the plus tour mentioned below offers more value.

The plus tour is priced at $57 and tends to include catamarans somewhere between the plus tour and the platinum tour. In my experience this means a catamaran that is 40+ ft and between 5-10 years old. Again for anyone who is catamaran savvy you can expect this to be an a decent Lagoon model. Since the catamaran is nearly 10+ ft longer the ride is improved, you can move around easier and the atmosphere is better. Overall the plus tour is the most popular and the one I take all the time.

The platinum tour is priced at $77, offers a touch of luxury, and premium alcohol. In my experience this means a catamaran in the 50+ ft range and under 5 years old. Again if you happen to be catamaran savvy or just appreciate quality this is definitely the tour to take. On my last tour we took a top of the line 5xx series Lagoon and I loved it. Again with the added length the ride is improved, you have more space to move around and the atmosphere is amazing. In addition to the premium alcohol this tour also includes a VIP lunch in comparison to the buffet in the regular and plus tours. I think the price tends to scare people away, although, I really feel what they offer makes it worth it. I tend to recommend this tour to guests who are looking for the best quality or guests you are celebrating a special occasion.

Also note that while writing this article the dock fee is $12 USD per person for all tours.

Is the tour weather-dependent?
Only if there’s a storm or it is extremely windy! If it’s overcast, the tour will still take place. Sometimes this is a good thing, as the sun can be pretty overpowering here!

I’m seasick. Can I still take the tour?
Of course you can. My only advice to you, though, would be to upgrade to a Plus or Platinum tour, because the catamarans are substantially bigger. The increase in length and size greatly reduces the risk of motion sickness in general, so it’s worth spending a bit of extra money if you’re prone to seasickness or not sure. Plus, try and stay as close to the middle of the catamaran as you can. Amazon also has wristbands for sale that help reduce motion sickness!

How much?
Regular: $59 USD (save 26%) - Book Now
Plus: $69 USD (save 25%) - Book Now
Platinum: $89 USD (save 22%) - Book Now

Check in: 9:30 am
Departs: 10 am
Returns: 5:30 pm
Value: 8/10

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