My Favorite Tour in Cancun is Cheap, Historical, and Fun for Everyone!

Explore the stunning Tulum Ruins and climb Coba for the perfect selfie!

My Favorite Tour in Cancun is Cheap, Historical, and Fun for Everyone!
on July 2nd, 2019 @ 11:46 AM
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There are so many reasons why I consider The 4 n 1 Tour the #1 Tour in Cancun!

The best part!
Typically I think a week in Cancun is ideal, however I often have guests who stay 2-3 nights and still want to experience as much as possible. The chance to see Playa del Carmen, Tulum Ruins, Coba Pyramid, and a Cenote in one day is pretty amazing. And I might add that while the tour is long, it is perfectly condensed so you actually spend the appropriate amount of time in each location. Thus if your only here for a few days, this tour is without a doubt the best option.

Interactive and Dynamic
For me this really makes a big difference as I'm not keen on just sitting around all day or riding a bus for hours at a time. This is why I prefer the 4 n 1 Tour over the Chichen Itza Tour. For one you can climb Coba while you cannot climb Chichen Itza and this is important to me as I like to interact. Otherwise I really like the dynamics and how the tour flows from one experience to another with small breaks in between as you move to a new location. Just another reason why this tour is my favorite!

Cheap @ $79 USD
I've actually seen some vendors in Cancun sell this exact same tour for $149 USD and in some way I understand how and why. Most tours here are priced between $50 - $75 USD and only include one experience, while this tour includes four. I have even priced out trying to drive and found that it is actually cheaper to take the tour and far less stressful than driving. Remember this tour includes first class transportation with air-conditioning, all entrance fees, tours guides, lunch, and you do not have to drive. I am NOT aware of another tour that offers better value in Cancun!

Two featured historical sites in one tour! Tulum Ruins is part of the Classic Period (A.D. 564) however became popular during the Late Postclassic Period (A.D. 1200 - 1500). While the Coba Pyramid was first settled between (B.C 50 - A.D 100), it found its peak between (A.D. 201 - 601). Both of these historical sites are an amazing experience and I stress that having a tour guide is essential. Otherwise, your just looking at rocks with no understanding of the history. My roommates exact words!

Cenote Multun Ha
Another unique experience as this cenote is off the beaten path and unlike the tourist trap cenotes which are over-crowded and dirty (Gran Cenote). Multun Ha is easily my favorite of the cenotes in the area! This place was serene, tranquil, romantic and so refreshing after a long, hot day of exploring. Ideally it is nice to have snorkel gear or at the very least I recommend your snorkel Mask. Enjoy this natural cenote!

How much?
$79 USD (save 33%) - Book Now